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PrePhalt® is a high quality pellet especially designed for coloring asphalt.



Modifications for asphalt applications

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For paint, ink, coating, wax and bitumen...


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Company Profile van Weezenbeek Specialties

Van Weezenbeek Specialties is a non conventional ,independent company. A lot of our products have been developed in close cooperation or request by our customers. We find it of great importance to return to old values as where products are appreciated by their ingenuity en their quality and not by their notional value. For that reason we always think about the usability, economical feasibility and the environmental consequences it has on our environment. More than 90% of our product have been developed by ourselves and produced according our strict quality. Our annual R & D budget is a substantial part of our profit and will continue to be so for the coming years. So if you are wondering 'we have a problem' and nobody wants to or can help you, call or mail us. Some men see things as they are and asked why, we dream things that never where and say why not? (George Bernard Shaw)

Company Profile van Weezenbeek Dispersions

Van Weezenbeek Dispersions has been a well known name in the world of pigment dispersions. A professional company with many years of experience. We produce a whole ranges of pigment dispersions. Due to short lines and special equipment our employees can change between products rapidly. Our company offers you service, quality and expert advice. Quality control Van Weezenbeek is standard testing their products on color strength, color tone, viscosity, hegman fineness. If required we provide your products with analysis, microbiological or bacteriological certificate. Our quality control enables our to supply our costomers with a constant high quality of pigment dispersions which have one of the best price performances in the market.