Our production location in Heerhugowaard has all the known dispersing equipment; up till nano technology. We can handle dispersions with extremely high pigment loading, or high and low viscosity and low pigment loading. We also can disperse pigment which are very hard or delicate to disperse as well as functional fillers. Next to the whole range of pigments we handle all sorts of binders, additives and solvents.

  • Dissolvers: Dispersing of pigments and production pre-mixes
  • High speed mixers: Homogenise of medium and small lots 
  • Bead mills: Production of large production pigment dispersions
  • Triple roll mills: High quality pigment dispersions also for small lots and high viscosity
  • Collorite mills: For emulsions
  • Turbomills: Production of large production pigment dispersions
  • One roll mills: Off spec of batches and filtering