Asphalt is a wonderful product, and very suitable for coloring. Colored asphalt is durable, flexible and fairly cheap to produce. In other words, it's a product with great potential and a bright future ahead. Van Weezenbeek Specialties is one of the few suppliers with a long and broad experience in the road building industry.

Our practical and technical knowhow in this field goes much further and deeper than the knowledge of other raw material suppliers. As Van Weezenbeek Specialties is aware of the fact that powder pigments are hard to handle in the asphalt plant (as it may lead to dusty and messy environment) we started to work on the powder pigments to make them more suitable for asphalt applications. The first innovation we developed in this fashion was PrePhalt Color® V Red. In the meantime multiplicities of hundred-thousand tons of red asphalt are produced with PrePhalt Color®V Red in Western Europe.

Van Weezenbeek Specialties considers product innovation a dynamic process and will therefore continue to improve the color pellets these coming years. At present we introduce PrePhalt Color® Design Color pellets. Asphalt in beautiful blue, green, yellow, terra cotta and even in white is possible now! We introduce design colors in asphalt, based on our durable, colorfast and dust-free pigments easy to implement in asphalt plants.

The target of Van Weezenbeek Specialties is to keep on innovating color concepts leading to a broader implementation of colored asphalt.