PrePhalt® ClearBinder was developed due to many requests from the road industry in The Netherlands and abroad. Many parties were interested in these clear bitumen that were not fluid and could also be stored in a solid form. Several producers of clear bitumen had tried to solve this problem, however not all trials were successful. Not one party was able to produce the bitumen in a pellet form. Flomac dosing system Colored Asphalt

Van Weezenbeek Specialties is the only party who has been able to develop these bitumen as pellets keeping the same advantages of the ordinary clear binder and which can easily be dosed in the same way as the PrePhalt® pigment pellets. This makes is possible for the asphalt plants to work with the clear bitumen without having to make any adaptations to their plant.

The PrePhalt® Clear Binder is not a substitute for the fluid clear bitumen but must be seen as an addition/supplement. Asphalt producers will now be able to use the clear binder without being dependent of the location (no matter where their work is). This makes it very attractive to use the clear binder…

Why PrePhalt® Clear Binder?

The coloring of bitumen using clear binder saves 1/3 of the necessary pigment / PrePhalt®. Another advantage is that the end result will be a much cleaner and more intense color. Many of the available liquid clear bitumen show problems with the stability and are therefore delivered in the modified versions.

This is not the case with the PrePhalt®ClearBinder especially in combination with the PrePhalt®pellets. The PrePhalt® Clearbinder consists of different polymers such as special waxes, these have been added to improve the adhesion on the minerals which means a longer durability of the asphalt. The fatigue properties of an asphalt based on the PrePhalt® Clearbinder are extremely high.

PrePhalt® ClearBinder is dosed as a dry solid pellet in the batch mixer, after the aggregates . After the pellets have melted the mixture is ready to be used. The PrePhalt® pigment pellet can either be added together with the Clear Binder or afterwards. Due to the mixing time we advise to add the PrePhalt® pigment pellets shortly after the PrePhalt® ClearBinder pellets.