Our PrePhalt®design collection contains two different color lines: the V series and the W series. All our PrePhalt®design colors are pellets especially made for coloring asphalt, easy to use and clean in production. All PrePhalt®design colors will not only color the asphalt but also give the asphalt extra strength and stability and a denser top surface. All PrePhalt®design colors have a better color strength, leading to considerable lower dosage! On the long term the best result is accomplished by the combination of PrePhalt®pellets with aggregates of the same (or nearly the same) color.

V-series (inorganic pigments)

  • V-White - a titanium dioxide based color pellet (V-white is also used for mixing and blending in combination with other colors)
  • V-Yellow - an iron oxide based color pellet (reduced heat-resistant)
  • V-Green - a chromic oxide based color pellet

W-series (organic pigments)

  • W-Blue - a very powerful color pellet composed of three different pigments
  • W-Green - a very powerful color pellet, leading to a bright color
  • W-Yellow - an organic based pigment, absolutely heat resistant
  • W-Red - organic based pigment, brighter than the standard PrePhalt®V red
  • W-Violet - organic based pellet, offering a very unique bright color shade
On request we can make any shade of color to your wish (provided the requested quantities are substantial enough).